Since 1995, I have been developing interactive experiences for a diverse group of clients ranging from multinational pharmaceutical companies to indie rock bands. In all cases the user experience is my primary concern. A strong user interface coupled with clear information design is essential to any online communication, be it e-commerce, brand definition, or information-based objectives.
Branding & Identity
When establishing a presence online, it is important that all aspects of that entity support your vision. A strong logo is a key factor in defining your brand. An effective design will describe the nature of your product or service on both a literal and metaphorcal level, through visual as well as editorial cues.
In a medium as visual as the world wide web, iconography can be a defining element in establishing navigational orientation as well as segmentation of large amounts of data. Visual cues can help the user understand quickly where they are on a site and clarify the site taxonomy.
Online Promotions
Contrary to the popular wisdom of the late 90's, online adverting continues to grow as an industry and revenue stream for many businesses. Since the early days of 12k limit, I have been creating ads and online promotions for a variety of clients.