I have been invited to show my work Flesh Field in 12 Parts in the Contemporary Realism Biennial 2014 at the Fort Wayne Museum of Art (Fort Wayne, IN) September 20 thru November 30, 2-14
Flesh Field in 12 Parts is a series of paintings depicting small fragments of the surface of my right hand. Although the components can be arranged to convey a single image, the individual canvases were conceived and executed as stand-alone paintings that can be shown in any order or orientation. For this exhibition, I have designed an interactive game to accompany the work that will allow visitors to explore different arrangements of the piece. Periodically throughout the exhibition, the paintings will be re-hung to reflect these viewer-generated arrangements.


  Beautiful Surface August 2014
  Wall Street International July 2014
  Juxtapoz May 2014
  Hi Fructose May 2014
  Ignant May 2014
  Creative BoomMay 2014
  Schoenhasslich May 2014


Face to Face, Wall to Wall
March 20 - August 24, 2014
Yellowstone Art Museum, Billings, MT

Downtown Art Fair May 8-11
Downtown Armory, NYC
Lyons Wier Gallery Booth DT 7

Art Market San Francisco May 15-18
Jordan Faye Contemporary Booth 314

Misrepresentation, February 5 - March 9, 2014
Lesley Heller Workspace, 54 Orchard Street, NYC

MIA in MIAMI January 9 - February 8
Lyons Wier Gallery,542 West 24th Street

Clouds, December 15 - January 26, 2014
Lesley Heller Workspace, 54 Orchard Street, NYC

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